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The Rezort (2016)

Basically Jurassic Park except with zombies, and a hunt with one obvious twist – the Hunters become the Hunted.

A movie I actually stumbled across while looking across Netflix. I expected nothing, but was really rewarded for the entire hour and half. It stars off, and immediately they explain everything. They explain how the humans have survived a zombie outbreak, and contained the zombie virus on a island resort, where you’re able to go and hunt the zombies for some fun.

This idea immediately reminded me of Jurassic Park, however even if that’s where the inspiration came from, the movie was not a copy. While some parts shadow the great trilogy, the main part of this entire movie, and one part that I enjoyed the most was knowing he fact that it was original.

It’s hard to think up an entire new way to shoot a zombie movie and not have a repeat of every single other movie in the same genre. Yet still keeping it good, and interesting. At the “Rezort” the characters make you feel like you’re there. Suck you in, and make you feel like their friend. Which is why your heart races as the zombies rush them, or when the sad turn of the movie hits and one of the people you grew to love over the film dies. That shows amazing character development which I really think makes a movie great. Sadly there were a lot of goofs on this film.

You see characters acting like children, shooting more ammunition than a gun can carry, and spraying bullets like a video game, but don’t let that keep you from seeing it.

I’d give it a solid 7.3/10 , but for a movie like this I think I may need to even include the trailer. You can see that by clicking (HERE).

Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Hacksaw.jpgOne of America’s least favorite Spider-Man actors plays one of America’s greatest heroes.
In Hacksaw Ridge you see Andrew Garfield playing Desmond Doss, a conscientious objector during WWII. Before Doss was motivated to enlist in the Army due to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor he had it all. The girl, the looks, the smile, and the motherly love. Throughout the movie you see this young man battle the truth of the world, and how it attempts to crush you to conform. His goal of saving people as an Army Medic does not involve taking any lives. He insists on being an Army medic with no gun.

The movie, a biographical war film drama, shows the true reality, and how Desmond’s beliefs truly helped change the tide of the war against the Japanese. How by him not conforming, and not laying down when faced with adversity, he also supports the American Dream and everything we as a nation stand for.

This film, was touching to the point I almost couldn’t rate it – I mean, who would want to say anything bad about it? Desmond was awarded the Medal of Honor by Harry S. Truman. He’s a hero…

However the one thing I will say, having Andrew Garfield play Desmond may have been the only downfall. It was amazingly shot, directed, and edited. However Garfield being so well known was the only reason he got the part. He was a box office draw. Very few people probably even knew about Desmond Doss before this movie – it should’ve been about educating people, rather than drawing in a few more million dollars in this money oriented world.

You can’t let one negative (if that’s what you’d call it) ruin the whole experience though…
8.6/10 with very high regards when it comes to recommending to a friend.

Dunkirk (2017)

Christopher Nolan went from directing one of my favorite trilogies (The Dark Night) which featured one amazing superhero, to directing a film about nearly half a million real hero’s at Dunkirk.

Now before I get too deep into this review let me explain a bit about this battle, since 99% of US citizens have never heard of this like I did when I first saw the trailer. Why is that? Well you see the Battle of Dunkirk (Evacuation of Dunkirk) took place May 26, 1940 – June 4, 1940, the US officially entered WWII on December 11, 1941, over a year later. It was a large-scale evacuation of nearly half a million British and French troops after the German army had surrounded them at Dunkirk. Fearing France would fall the Prime Minister of Britain, Winston Churchill, ordered the evacuation. Expecting to take a huge loss of life he was trying to get as many troops home to protect their motherland. Seemingly it was extremely smart, because had Hitler completely conquered France as fast as he wanted, he would have moved onto Britain – then the whole world.

Possible Spoilers Below! Read at your own risk!
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Godzilla (2014)

Another Godzilla movie. Here we go again. The trailers looked pretty good, but I really didn’t think it would be all that great. I mean, the 1998 Godzilla looked like a mutated di2af2cb8dd65eb7130bf9c44f3a9aea07nosaur from Jurassic Park. With Kong: Skull Island being released tomorrow on Blu Ray and DVD, I figured why not make a review on this bad boy. Something refreshing to see in the trailer was that they finally got him right. He actually looks like Godzilla and he is the right height and has those fat feet that he hasn’t had in a long time. This is a movie that people either love or just can’t stand. I have heard that they hated it because of the lack of screen time that the big lizard actually had, while others thought of it as a great film. So for this review, I am trying to take in both accounts to give you a fair review. With quality action sequences, awesome monster fights, suspense and Bryan Cranston, the film is pretty decent movie. It’s not great, many flaws but overall its definitely a watchable film and it certainly sets up for a sequel. Kong vs Godzilla will certainly be a good watch, and I am really looking forward to what that film has in store for us monster lovers in 2020. But this movie had good acting (mostly), amazing effects, and it was just a great dumb monster movie. I call it dumb because it’s not going to win an oscar or anything, and the film is flawed, but it is still a good film. However, taking the very limited screen time in which our beloved monster has does make it’s grade suffer a little. Having said that, the sequel should have more big giant lizard, and less humans that don’t really matter in this movie. I am certainly excited for that in 2019.


My rating, 8.3/10

The Belko Experiment (2017)

A theatrical trailer I saw as I went to see another movie. It was I and the other contributors on the site who saw the trailer when they both began freaking out seeing it, one exclaimed how “Orion Pictures” was back, the other stated how amazing it looked. As I sat in between two people who really wanted to see this I remained silent. Why were they so impressed? The trailer for this movie was unimpressive, it honestly appeared as if a 17-year-old want to be graphic design artist made the trailer on Windows Movie Maker. If the whole movie had actually taken place like the trailer showed it would, I couldn’t even rate it – it would’ve been that bad.

Luckily, they chose to go a different route, in a couple different ways. The only person that I was excited to see in this movie was Bud (Michael Rooker) simply because as I watched him play “Yondu” in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 he blew me away. Granted I did notice John Gallagher Jr. but not because of any of his recent work (besides Hush, where he was mediocre), I remember him from playing a part on an old episode of Law and Order: SVU. Before I get to actually reviewing the meat of the movie, I’d like to point out something that really bothered me was the fact that in the trailer it showed Bud wearing a gray jumpsuit, but for some odd reason, in the actual movie he’s wearing an orange one and appears like a prisoner. It just bothered me…

Getting to the beginning of the movie, I’m glad I didn’t pay to see this in theaters because I spent the first ten minutes of it on my phone texting. A normal day in the office turns into a life or death situation, a psychological test gone wrong and the 80 people in the office are told they are told that they must kill some of their fellow employees.
A movie where the nice guy truly finished last. Oh, and that excitement about Micheal Rooker? It didn’t last much either.

It appeared to be a poorly written blood bath, honestly it was so comically gory I had caught myself checking online to see what genre this was in because it was almost parody like. There were no real twists and overall the actors all overacted. I understand how hard it is to play an office worker who is put in their situation with all the adrenaline pumping through their blood, but seriously – they would have been better off pulling real people off the streets, and asking them to act.

Surprisingly John Gallagher stole the show, this movie may have just been his best. His acting, although dry and boring appeared more lively than every other cast member besides Rooker, his awkward looking smile, and ability to bullshit save him throughout most of the film, and manage to actually keep me glued to my seat.

This movie isn’t for people who have no patience, but it wasn’t terrible. It’s still good enough where I’d watch it again, and suggest it to certain people. Just, don’t trust the trailer, and don’t expect too much from what used to be a reputable film company (Orion Pictures).

– 5/10

The Great Wall (2016/2017)

The Great Wall
A movie I wanted to see in theaters, that just had to be in my home collection.
It was a stellar performance by Matt Damon, and honestly maybe his best. I’ve always been impartial about his acting, he was amazing in the Bourne Franchise, but in some of his roles he appeared to lack the spark needed to really get you excited.
That spark was here, and it was enough to light the “black powder” that became a key point to the whole plot on fire.

Damon plays a European Mercenary traveling with a group of other mercenaries in search of this “black powder that can turn air into fire, and kill ten men at once”. Seeing as what it’s described to do, one could understand the desire for it.

The search led William (Damon) and Tovar (Pedro Pascal) to The Great Wall. Where they’re met with an army like no other. Upon surrender and capture you immediately see these two mercenaries looking for a way out when these giant creatures cause havoc upon the wall. This is where the two would each realize they have a road to take. Each road, leading to a completely different ending for both William and Tovar.

The acting in this movie was superb. Damon did an amazing job acting in reference to the “language barrier”, as any true European would when confronted with Mandarin speaking soldiers. The directors choice not to have Damon become accustomed to their culture, or way of life was an easy decision, but I believe it played an important part of the whole movie. People truly don’t become accustomed to another culture overnight, and too many Hollywood films attempt to make it appear that way. It threw the soldiers off, causing William to have to prove himself not by words, or tricks, but by actions.

However, where the film excels in acting, it fails in the time period aspect. I understand this isn’t a movie based on a true story, but if you’re watching a film based in ancient times (~1000 AD) you’d expect to see ancient weapons and tools. Not something that would come hundreds of years later, for example a hot air balloon used to fight the creatures. In reality the first known hot air balloon was flown in France in 1783.

Overall the film, the plot, and the ending all seemed to leave me feeling like I didn’t waste any time. At no point did it feel like it was slow-moving, or boring which is hard to find these days. The reason this film floped in theathers surprises me.

If you haven’t seen it yet make sure you move it to the top of your bucket list.

Overall rating? 6.5/10

Transformers 1-5

I remember not being able to get into the theatre back in 2007 because the movie was sold out. Itransformers-poster-bigt was a huge deal to see everyone’s favorite killing machines on screen in live action for the first time. Now, in 2017, I was in the theatre about a day or two after it was released and seeing about 5 other people in the whole room. That really shows you how bad these films have become. I am reviewing not only the first film, but all of them together. Ill try to keep it short and sweet. Now the first film which was released a decade ago in 2007 was absolutely fantastic. It was visually stunning and the action sequences were badass and the jokes actually landed. It was the first time seeing autobots and deceptacons fighting each other in our world for the first time on the big screen. I mean it got good reviews (for the most part) but really it was a movie for the fans. It meant something, and it is now a modern classic. I remember seeing Revenge of the fallen at midnight, back when they were released at midnight, in 2009. The theatre was also packed, but to be completely honest it was far from great. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t good either. It was just okay. The action was still exciting and relatively fresh, and the jokes still had some substance. The story line however, really lacked creativity and it wasn’t well thought out. Not to mention, Michael Bay just made everything go boom because, well, thats all Michael Bay is anymore. Then in 2011 we had a slightly better Dark of the Moon. It had incredible action and a great story. Yes, this is when everyone started calling Michael Bay  “the explosion guy” but the movie still worked. Then came Age of Extinction. Man, this movie had so much potential, especially since they were introducing the dinobots. But man, it was pretty bad. No plot, no megatron, bad jokes, and no substance. It was sad to see it. But hey, it wasn’t as bad as this trash called the “Last Knight”. You could tell, any transformer fan could tell, that making Optimus Prime, the leader of the autobots the main villain was a dumb idea. Then the lack of detail in the filming in general, the absolute garbage that I was watching made me walk out of the theatre for the first time in my life. The jokes sucked, the kids had no role or business being in the movie anyway, it was just exhausting to watch. Man, this movie sucked big time. As long as the next ones are not being directed by Michael Bay, there may be some hope left.

My rating:

Transformers (2007), 9.1/10

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, 7.0/10

Transformers: Dark of the Moon, 7.5/10

Transformers: Age of Extinction, 6.5/10

Transformers: The last Knight, 5.5/10

Wonder Woman (2017)

Finally we have Wonder Woman in her own movie, just for herself for the first time in a long time. The film begins with some cool shots of Wonder Woman’s home world, and it focuswonder-woman-2017-5es on the women there and all they stand for. It seems that all of the woman are training for the fulfillment of an ancient “myth” or “legend” that is likely not going to even happen. The Gods fought against Ares, a corrupt god (who is now the God of war), and Zeus ended up fighting him off with his last breath. Ares vowed to return but it hasn’t happened yet. The only thing that can destroy Ares happens to be an ancient sword known as “The God Killer”. Diana, Wonder Woman, is of course drawn to this ancient legend so she vows to fulfill it by destroying Ares after she witnessed some German soldiers attack her land and kill her aunt. Chris Pine is Steve Trevor, an American spy, his character helps Diana through the War crumbled Europe. This is a review that is spoiler free, so i’m going to keep it that way. In the end, the visuals were excellent, the plot was great and the acting was well done. The only negative thing about the film was that there was much less action than a typical DC film, and the villain was very unimpressive and could have been executed much better. It’s okay DC, maybe after making this mistake twice ( The first being Suicide Squad’s absolutely atrocious attempt of a quality antagonist ) you can fix that in this year’s Justice League. This was a good film, but it’s small flaws on key points made it’s rating suffer hard.


My rating, 7.5/10



Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

spider_man_posterI have always been a fan of the 2002 Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire, and honestly I never thought that anyone would come close to it. Even though Andrew Garfield is a good actor, he certainly is not my spider-man. So the third reincarnation of spider-man seemed like a dull idea for Sony and Marvel to make more money, but after Captain America: Civil War (2016), I thought that Tom Holland was a good fit for the classic Red and Blue suit. Seeing the trailer, I thought it had some potential, then seeing that Robert Downey Jr. was reprising his role as Iron Man and that Michael Keaton would play the villain gave me even more excitement for this film. Then came showtime, and I was ready to be entertained. The film had some great moments, some funny scenes, and some good action sequences. It was a little long and at times boring but Michael Keaton as the Vulture and Jacob Batalon who played Ned (Peter Parker’s best friend) were absolutely brilliant. The plot was good, it was executed well and It would have certainly gotten a 9.0 rating if it weren’t for the film’s length and it’s overall cheesiness at times. This isn’t a kids film, but it’s not really an adult film either. It is in that fine line between child friendly and adult entertainment. I mean hey, it’s not the Texas Chainsaw Massacre but it’s not The Lion King either. So in the end, its a good movie for everyone to see, bad language for the little ones but otherwise its a rather tame watch. In the end, it wasn’t worth all the hype, but it was still a good film. Welcome to the Marvel cinematic universe Spider-Man.

My rating, an 8.6/10

Stephen King’s IT (1990)

stephen_king_s_it_movie_poster_by_cscarlett15-d6bcg1aStephen King’s classic novel is being remade later this year, so making a review on the original film is only necessary. To begin, Tim Curry steals the show. He does an amazing job and he still creeps the hell out of me as Pennywise. Ever since, I was a kid and I saw this movie for the first time on tv I was scared to wash my hands in the sink or even walk into my bedroom alone. That was the impact the film had on me as a 6 year old boy. The scenes the film had like the bathroom scene or the shower scene, they’re all great and memorable moments in cinematic history. Sure, the movie isn’t perfect, but what film is? Yes, the second half of the film was not nearly as good as the first half, but that doesn’t make it a mediocre movie. The adult actors did not have much chemistry, and the huge spider that Pennywise transformed into at the end of the movie was pretty dumb and not scary at all. The first part of it though, an absolute masterpiece. It had fantastic acting, quality effects for it’s time, an original plot, scary scenes, and it still makes viewers afraid to walk next to sewers without wondering if balloons do indeed float down there. Im certainly excited for the remake, as the trailer looks great and pennywise looks absolutely chilling.

My rating is  9.2/10